A Behavioural-Style Assessment To Improve Communication, Enhance Trust, and Increase Productivity in your Organization.

Many times, challenges or problems within teams arise though a misunderstanding in communication, and it can feel frustrating when you just can't seem to get through to someone. This is normal and common with intact teams. 

We are programmed through genetics, and experiences, at a very early age. With this perspective, we go through life, learning, solidifying, modifying, and redefining our beliefs. In order to enhance your understanding, you must have the courage to see. Over years, our communication and behavioural patterns become entrenched in our lives, and it is only through awareness that change can begin to occur. It all begins with awareness.

Diviya Lewis, the Founder, is a Certified LIFO® Facilitator, and can work with you to strengthen intact teams' communication, collaboration, and engagement. LIFO® workshops consist of in-depth assessments into each individuals' communication style(s), and an in-person interactive training to understand strengths, areas for growth, and address blind spots in a team's communication patterns. 



LIFO® was founded in 1967 by Stuart Atkins & Allan Katcher. To date, over 9 million people in more than 20,000 organizations , and over 30 countries around the world use the LIFO® method and training.

LIFO®  is  an assessment designed to bring awareness to your behavioural, preferences, communication or leadership style. It is a way to discover, strengthen and moderate your communication and behaviour towards those around you. Why is it so successful? The LIFO® method provides a strengths based approach to discovery, it enhances one's awareness, and enables individuals and teams to stre-ngthen their communication & productivity. 

LIFO® training introduces the new golden rule: “Do unto others as they wish to be done unto", & guides participants to gain a thorough understanding of the lens they use to experience the world. 

This comprehensive strengths-based management tool provides individual or group training from 2-hour to 2-day workshops. Please contact Diviya Lewis for more information or to book a workshop. 



An Interactive Workshop 

As we change, how often do we take time to connect on deeper levels with those closest to us (our families, lifelong friends, intimate partners, etc.). While we feel a deep bond and comfort with these individuals, there are similar patterns entrenched, and we might not have a chance to share new joys, fears, and have meaningful conversations.I have put together what I've found to be the most engaging, thought-provoking and relevant activities and discussion questions to guide people in sharing and hearing each other on a deeper and more profound level. 

This workshop is designed to help you reconnect with those around you in a meaningful way. 


Time: 2 hours

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"I just wanted to say the biggest thanks to you for that amazing evening. Both myself and my friend were talking about it for days and were so happy to have been a part of it. You did a phenomenal job facilitating the whole experience and making everyone comfortable and open to talk with each other..that's a gift..."

Male, 28, Mississauga

"Yesterday was nothing I could have imagined....questions bounced off of each person, energy was twirling into a masterful creation of experiences. That was my feeling and my interpretation for my first round table discussion. Everyone was 100% present and you could feel it, we were all listening and being listened to while engaging in this thought provoking topic. My mind was spiraling each time I heard an answer, we spoke about "Flow" during our discussion and I believe it was achieved in the couple hours we sat together. I could have stayed to chat about gratitude and life experiences until the wee hours of the morning."

Female, 29, Brampton

"A combination of many things I'm sure, but I had a huge shift in attitude on Monday morning, and I think it was obvious to a few people. One person told me how 'good' I looked, not only in a physical sense, but that I looked happy, carried myself differently. I also played the best offensive game of softball of my life on Monday night - I was hitting every ball with much more purpose then ever before, and it showed. I truly think it was all about the mindset that our chat on Sunday, and the fact that I felt free, that was allowing me to succeed in an unexpected way. Thanks Diviya & Crew <3"

Female, 26, Toronto