Choose Gratitude is committed to empowering our society and changing perspectives, and lives. Gratitude is one tool, albeit a powerful one on our journey towards abundance. To achieve our mission, Choose Gratitude conducts public events, and advocacy through various outreach initiatives (e.g. Project Gratitude) and we rely on supporters like you to sustain these projects. 

As we grow and strive to bring gratitude to the forefront of our awareness, we appreciate sponsorship in the form of event space, or monetary sponsorship to cover equipment, research, and administrative costs of the initiatives we strive to bring to the community. 

If our work resonates with you, please reach out to our Founder, Diviya Lewis, and we would love to further the conversation.






If your company is interested in hosting a holistic mind-body event, Choose Gratitude will organize a keynote speech and movement class, or interactive creative workshop, providing members of your staff, or the community with an opportunity to learn, grow, and adopt new tools to enhance their wellness.

Previous events include a yoga & juice event, a gratitude yoga workshop, a stress management & bath bombs workshop, and roundtable discussions. 


"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent Van Gogh


Toronto, ON