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Gratitude Can Make a Big Difference in your Organization - 25% of Job Satisfaction can be Attributed to Gratitude (Lea Waters, 2012).

That is a big piece of the puzzle, and a finding that illustrates the importance of incorporating gratitude into your organization today. Countless research studies have proven the varying ways gratitude can impact our personal and professional lives.

How do you begin? By empowering your leaders with the knowledge, skills, and belief in the power of appreciation and gratitude, and the impact it can make in their teams. 

We have facilitated gratitude workshops, and presentations in the following industries: technology, law, care services, non-profits, and can tailor a presentation to the unique needs of your organization. 



Collaborate with me to bring GRATITUDE to your organization.

Choose Gratitude strives to bring the insights from the field of positive organizational psychology to workplaces to enhance employee engagement and client/customer satisfaction. Presentations and workshops are informative and interactive, tailored to the unique challenges your company/organization face. 

Our clients include a range of companies from varying industries, but typically, these companies value employee engagement, and allocate resources to offering educational lunch'n'learns, workshops etc. to their employees. They value and prioritize recognition, appreciation, and communication.  Some clients encounter challenges with intact team dynamics, communication, and trust. Others have recognition programs in place, or are looking to implement recognition programs, and wish to convey the research to leaders in the organization. 

Topics Covered: 

1) Why Gratitude is Important in the Workplace 

2) Stress and Burnout & How To Support Sustainable Self-Care

3) Mindfulness and Stress Management 

4) Navigating Interpersonal Conflict in the Workplace

5) Challenging Unhelpful Thought Patterns to Build Resilience 

Irrespective of your current organizational climate or motivation for bringing gratitude into your organization, Choose Gratitude is committed to working collaboratively with you to provide a presentation or workshop that will address your needs. 

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I recently sat in on an assessment that Diviya facilitated, and it really opened my eyes on the role and relevance of gratitude in the workplace. As an already happy employee, Diviya provoked new thought processes of how to make my work environment an even happier place, that can be acted upon on a daily basis. The practices that I grasped from our session with Diviya will not only better my work life, but additionally my personal life. Thank you, Diviya!

Julia Fernandes
Renewal Representative, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Diviya was wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and really engages the audience. When she came in to present at an Oracle sanctioned event, she highlighted the importance of gratitude in the workplace through mind-opening activities and open dialogues. I noticed an improvement post-training and would recommend her to any team looking to boost morale.

Oliver Borovic

Account Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Connecting with Diviya was a pleasure. Her positive energy gave the group such comfort to all. It was truly amazing. You helped us connect through our deepest memories and taught us to reflect, change and give more gratitude to others and life itself.

Aline Kurik
Owner, Lalina Cosmetics & Founder, Connect in the 6 - Event Services

Diviya did a great job facilitating conversations around gratitude. The exercises that she chose were helpful, insightful and interactive. It was great meeting Diviya.

Josh Cheng
Account Manager, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Loved attending this workshop! It was very relatable and offered practical tips and tricks to apply to your life to enhance your gratitude on a daily basis.

Conference Attendee
Avanti Women Expo 2017

Diviya is a great facilitator. Her excellent communication skills, passion to understand others, humour, and honesty connect people and create great conversation. I highly recommend Diviya for any facilitations.

Minjung Koo
Market Research Professional

Diviya recently conducted a LIFO assessment for me and was a fantastic facilitator.  Her calm, friendly approach made it easy for me to talk openly about the results, and she demonstrated patience with every question I had.  Diviya made sure I fully understood and was comfortable with each piece of content before moving on, which has enabled me to better practice what I've learned - both my professional and personal life.  She's extremely knowledgeable about the assessment details and made everything easy to grasp.  She's a true natural.

Elizabeth Nowicki
Market Research Professional

Avanti Women customized Choose Gratitude's (thank you) cards for our speakers and volunteers for our 2016 Expo entitled 'Networking in the 6ix', and invited Diviya to host two workshops at the Expo. Diviya facilitated two informative and interactive workshops, exhibiting her knowledge and enthusiasm in the subject area. Her care and responsiveness made it easy to work with her, and we were so happy with the branded cards so we could extend our gratitude to the people who helped make the day possible. Its because of women like Diviya that make the empowerment journey so fulfilling.

Dina Barazza
Business, HR & Learning Expert combined w/purpose to build Women Advisory Capacity, Mentoring and Leadership Programs


Diviya helped me craft a 1-day workshop for my team here at Wave. Her deep understanding, compassionate empathy, and hands-on experience provided a foundation for folks to connect to her (and her team) in an authentic way. Diviya and her team brought a practicality to mental health, gratitude, and mindfulness that left my team feeling "enlightened, liberated, informed" and ultimately, more prepared to build sustainable practices moving forward. 


Diviya is organized, filled with great ideas, and very open to feedback. We'll absolutely have her back for more workshops in the future and I wholeheartedly recommend her as a stellar resource for strengthening your own mental health practices.

Kathryn Torangeau

 Manager, People and Culture, 

Wave Financial


I extend my utmost gratitude to each company or organization that has trusted me to provide my services in the form of workshops, keynote presentations, lunch'n'learns, and lean-in discussions, or customized gratitude cards tailored to their organization.

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