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One quote to remember when you feel fear during your day

I heard something a few weeks ago that has stuck with me, and has really helped with addressing the fears that play peekaboo every so often (let's be real, it happens more than we admit). It is a simple statement, yet as I've strengthened my gratitude practice, it has truly helped to reinforce these simple words.

To take a small step back, allow me to explain where this is coming from, and why it is such an integral part of my life now. While I've been quite adventurous, and open-minded for a lot of my life, I've lately noticed these fears and apprehensions growing in me, and taking over my thoughts. Whether it is related to business, or my personal life, I constantly struggle with taking those small steps, and worry or fear engulf me. Some of the examples I can think about include riding my bicycle in the city, when I go alone to places, publishing blog posts, or even sending out that gratitude report (I promise you will get it soon)! What tends to happen is I feel the fear, I consider some of the pros and cons, I spend too much time ruminating about it, and to avoid wasting more time (which can be of the essence), I decide against it. This calms down my fears, and sets me back to an equilibrium state of being. It also reinforces to me that the way to get over the fear is not to do it. I'm not 100% sure how long this has been my decision-making practice, but somewhere along the way, I was conditioned.

Lately, I've just grown tired of my fears. Bored with my ruminating. But the patterns are strong. And the relief is instant. The guilt also comes, but typically we are able to rationalize our way out of this pretty easily by now (am I right?). Then I read the quote by Rumi, hidden in another popularly shared article:

Live life as if everything was rigged in your favour.

When I saw this, I realized that I was living my life expecting bad things to happen. I was allowing my fears to stop me from doing things I wanted to do. I stopped choosing for myself, and rather allowed my fears to take hold of the steering wheel. I also recognized that changing the way I perceived life, as Rumi suggests, can potentially increase not just my ability to get out more, but the confidence that I bring to each situation, every day of my life.

Even though it has been just a month, I notice considerable shifts in my days. Not only has it helped me get out more, it has reduced (significantly) the intensity of fear that I feel, and has provided me with a practice of consciously choosing what brings me joy, and aligning my decisions accordingly. It has made me more mindful. I still feel the apprehensiveness towards things, and nerves; however, I thank them all for happening, notice where in my body different sensations are occurring, and muster all the strength in me to think less, and just do it (I guess Nike was on to something...).

We each have things that resonate with us differently. I share this not as a cure-all for you, but so that I may continue providing another option, another avenue for your consideration. In recognizing my fears around blog posts, it stemmed more from my perfectionism to create amazing posts, and frankly, ain't nobody got time for that (a throwback to a viral video from years ago that I only recently was introduced to).

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