Choose Gratitude was founded in 2015 with the aim to help empower you with information around gratitude, happiness, mindfulness and compassion to help cultivate in you a greater appreciation for your experiences, the people you interact with, and your world. We do this through corporate presentations, workshops, keynote speaking, and initiatives such as Project Gratitude's Web-Series. 


We aspire to a world that every person adopts a gratitude mindset - a way of focusing on what we have, instead of everything that is missing. Our worldviews encompass abundance and joy instead of fear of scarcity. We are present in each moment, able to take in the beauty in our lives, and live with intentionality. We extend our love and kindness to those around us, through our gratitude, and acts. A world that we work cohesively, collaborating toward a common goal, and rather than competing against each other, we celebrate each others' strengths and skills. We live in harmony, with a balanced awareness and connection to ourselves and each other. 


I am committed to sharing information and knowledge about gratitude with you through our services, that will increase your awareness, inspire you in your life, and empower you to find joy, happiness, and inner peace. My hope for each and every one of you is that through your practice of gratitude, you can feel the overwhelming sense of grace, knowing that you have taken that first step to set off a chain of positive events in your life by opening your mind, changing your thoughts, which in turn change your actions, and habits.


I believe in the power of gratitude to promote a lifestyle of kindness, compassion, empathy, and most of all, love. I hope to extend my awareness of gratitude’s power to you, to strengthen the connection to those around you, and yourself. There is a power in recognizing, acknowledging and appreciating those in our lives, to celebrate what they do (what you do), and more importantly, who they are (& who you are).


I hope to infuse each of you with the awareness and perspective about yourself, that can evoke positive change, and demonstrate how gratitude can help you sustain a balanced life.​




My story is one similar to many other families who have immigrated to a new country without many things, but a whole lot of hope. My parents instilled the values of humility, gratitude, and awareness of what we have into us, because they still very much remembered what it was like not to have anything. In fact, my mother still uses an old plastic milk jug for her milk bags, as it was one of many items that were given to us by friends/family when we first arrived (in 1992) and had nothing.

Growing up around friends who had so much stuff always left me wanting more. When I got my first part-time job, I would spend every last penny buying things to fit in more. It was never enough. Even in relationships, I found myself always wanting more.

What I find interesting looking back, is that this phenomenon (i.e. always wanting more) did not manifest in an entitled millennial sort-of-way. It was a deeper-rooted inner pendulum (that I believe does not discriminate by age) that swung between abundance, joy, and fulfilment, to scarcity, dissatisfaction, and disappointment. My inner peace was dependent on external factors. When I first made it a point to practice gratitude, the habit itself began a (currently ongoing) shift to finding that inner peace irrespective of what is around me. 

Lastly, I chose gratitude because it does not discriminate, it is inclusive. You do not need anything to adopt a grateful mindset. I have experienced the pain of being excluded many times in my life, at school, with friends, and even at workplaces, and am committed to being inclusive in my professional approach, and in my life.

A grateful mindset acknowledges that gratitude is one piece of the puzzle. It has been coined the mother of all virtues, the gateway to joy, the door to power, wisdom and creativity, and it is all of the above, but it goes hand-in-hand with other vital components, such as awareness, mindfulness, kindness, compassion, empathy, connection, and harmony. I strive to encompass these into my personal and professional life, and hope to connect with others who align with these values to share the role gratitude can have to bring about positive change in so many aspects of our lives.